Don't buy AMD ATI products for your computer!

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What makes me upset is the fact that the company did not honor what was advertised on their product.

When I purchased the product directly from the company, it stated a 3 year warranty. Then a year and a half later, the poor quality of the product fails on me, so I decided to request for a warranty repair. The company, AMD, tells me that my warranty has expired and also said that they have changed the warranty to only a year. My reaction was like "What?! When did this happen?". So I emailed them and they responded that the change took in effect two years before when I purchased the product. Okay, I can understand the changes, but my next question was why they didn't attach or enclose a warranty update notification along with the packaged product to let me know about the changes? This issue could have been prevented and even after addressing to them about this issue, they're not going to do anything to update the package warranty info.Talking about bad business practice! If they did update their warranty info on the package box, then it would have saved them the hassle of dealing with unsatisfied customer like myself.

If the company couldn't update the package info, then at a least a notification along with the box would have been nice. Nonetheless, I'm just a customer like anyone else and I shouldn't be treated like this because it wasn't my fault to be deceived like this. Any customer would have easily fall into my situation.

In conclusion, I wasted $262.36 for a poor quality graphics card, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Mac Edition, that lasted only a year and a half. Maybe this is why the company had to cut the warranty short because they knew about the poor quality. Selling poor quality products to customer? What a bad way to earn a customer's trust. The packaged box, a product from AMD, made a promise and the company itself broke that promise without notice. What another bad way to earn a customer's trust.

It's very disappointing to know that I made a bad investment, so don't buy AMD products therefore you won't end up like me. Even if you did know about the updated warranty info of AMD products, then at least consider if the quality is worth it.

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To Mulch,

Thanks for your concern, but I think you should be more concern about yourself with your spelling of "warrenty" and "sware" than of my issue.

Like anybody else, I'm just expressing my experience with the company, AMD. Maybe there will be someone who can help me and that's the whole purpose of my complaint.

What about you? Looking for trouble? And besides, you're not the chairman or CEO of AMD, so what are you talking about. Maybe you might have had a good experience with the company, but not me, so I'm entitled to what I have to say.

I'll be fair with you and agree that maybe I could have look closer at the warranty, but I don't think that the company is always right and perfect without any flaws. If you think that's true, then you're kissing up too much. Or you probably work there and I don't care!

I don't think you realize the term "ignorance" means, but I can tell you what it means. In fact, you've just showed to both of us by commenting on this article.

"There should be a license for people to buy computers?" Why didn't computer companies think of this? This is really a break through idea. I think you should be the one to suggest the idea to companies that sells computers. Good luck!


YOU failed to look closer at the warrenty on the product YOU bought.You failed to understand how to use the product as needed to extend the life of the product.

I sware there should be a license for people to buy computers.Blaming a company for their own ignorance is getting really old.

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